Philips lumea ipl hair removal system sc 2001 reviews

Philips lumea ipl hair removal system sc 2001 reviews Actual product packaging and materials may contain more and different information than what is shown on our website.
We recommend that you do not rely solely on the information presented on our website.
The Philips Lumea IPL hair removal system is a revolutionary device that enables you to be free from unwanted hair and enjoy smooth skin every day.
Philips Lumea uses gentle pulses of light to stimulate the hair root into a resting phase.
It allows women to safely and effectively prevent hair regrowth in the comfort of their own home.
Gentle treatment Five adjustable light intensity settings to ensure a painless treatment across a range of different skin tones and hair colours.
Philips Lumea you do not need to buy any additional accessories or replacement parts.
A simple and gentle treatment once every two to four weeks will prevent hair roots from becoming active again and prevent new hair from growing back.
Hair stops growing and the root starts to shrink in preparation to shed the hair.
An internal optical filter ensures no UV light reaches the skin and leaves it unharmed.
It may take several weeks before the root becomes active again to grow a new hair.
Select the correct light intensity Consult the skin and hair type matrix and select the light intensity suitable for your skin tone and body hair color.
Hairs that may have been dormant during your previous treatment may now be in the growth phase.
Permanent hair reduction does not necessarily imply the elimination of all hairs in the treatment area.
There are medications and health conditions that may lead to adverse reactions when you use Philips Lumea.
You can also find full information on using Philips Lumea before and after tanning at www.
Visit the Delivery Destinations Help page to see where this item can be delivered.
I have also experienced Intense Pulsed Light treatment at my local salon where I was treated with the Aculight system of IPL.
Well the salon IPL treatment certainly does work but because of their strict usage guidelines I was unable to complete the treatment over the three years I attended as far as I would have liked.
The salon only treats at eight week intervals and there must be little or no tan to the skin.
The machine itself has a seal which you have to break before use giving you the chance to return the product unused if you find that it is not suitable for you.
There is also a neat zip pouch to keep the machine in once the box is disposed of.
The piece of kit is of good quality as you would expect from Philips and is comfortable to hold and use.
Because the sensor has to be completely flat to the skin it can make it a bit awkward for some areas i.
Also a big plus for the Philips is that it charges from the mains and is used cordless rather than with a wire to the mains like the Remington.
Have a look at the Remington page and compare for yourself but I think this one is worth a few pounds more for the appearance and quality.
I would strongly urge you to read all the instructions and information on the product page above and also read as many reviews as you can find.
If you have any specific questions or queries I am happy to answer you if you would like to contact me at the email address on my profile page.
I am now at four full weeks after first using the Lumea and I am very happy with the results.
The hair will only react to the Lumea treatment if it is in one of the 3 stages of hair growth therefore not all hairs will respond to each treatment and this is probably one of the reasons that there are a few hairs left.
I have bought a white cosmetic pencil to draw sections on the skin and this does help to keep track of what has been zapped.
It also helps to have a partner or friend to do the backs of legs as being a contortionist is also an added problem.
I was interested to read one of the comments on my review about the new Boots Smooth Skin iPulse.
It is certainly worth having a Google and comparing with the Lumea before deciding on making a purchase.
Lumea Precision IPL Hair Removal System which has a separate detachable head with an integrated filter for safe use on the face and other delicate areas of the body.
Lumea is a very useful device to use in the home it is not a substitute for salon laser hair removal.
I do it every 2 weeks and have been for the past 2 months I am hoping I will be able extend the 2 weeks to 3 weeks soon and so on.
I used to always have bad stubble the next day after shaving its great not having that anymore.
I used to shave then every day and now I might do once a week maybe longer and the ones that do come through are so fine you can hardly see them anyway.
I like the philips because its cordless no creams are needed and its really easy to use.
You can use it in the bathroom when you get out of the shower its really quick and its all over and done with.
I wanted some ammo underneath my belt to make an informed decision and review this product for what it is.
I was really nervous about buying this as it is very expensive and I had heard mixed reviews about home laser treatments.
I tried it on my whole body but eventually I gave up on the legs as it took too long to do them.
It did reduce hair growth significantly but not enough to stop shaving altogether.
All information about the products on our website is provided for information purposes only.
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It does sting a little in some areas at first but once you get going with it you kind of get used to it.
The difference was so noticeable after only 6 weeks that I gave up with my experiment and lasered everything from the neck down.
Since using it I have noticed some areas have almost no hair at all and others are considerably thinner.
Posted 08 July 2011 Lulah fromĀ  London I researched this product before purchasing and decided to go for it.
The Lumea is nowhere near as painful but the handset becomes hotter the longer you have been using it.
Female after being a little sceptical about the Products ability to get rid of hair.
I have had no underarm hair for around four months other areas needed one more use and they were just as good.
It is a little time consuming due to average 15 minute battery time and small light face that means it takes time to cover required parts of the body.
Underarm and bikini line particularly effective with legs good but a bit tricky to remember where you have used it.
Unfortunately the product is not lightweight and the charge only lasts up to 30 minutes.
The Philips Lumea has been developed in close cooperation with leading dermatologists for an effective and gentle route to permanent hair reduction.
Did find i had to use the level 5 and used it once a week intially rather than the recommended usage.
But saying that stopped using it on my legs around october time and only half the hairs have fully regenerate and still have patchy areas after 5 months of stopping.
I am dark haired and not quite pale skin and this seams to be working a treat i have very minimal hair regrowth after 3 weeks compared to before i would have to shave every day and then i invested in an epilator and i would do that every 2 weeks.
I must admit it does say use every 2 weeks but i have done it every week due to i know what my hair regrowth is like.
The only down side i can find is like everyone else the battery life is very short i normally do one whole leg then recharge to do the other.
Being dark haired I have always found that the hair on my legs and underarms grows back really quickly but since using this product I definitely can tell that the regrowth is slower and finer.
I use it on program 4 I find that the sensation is like an elastic band on your skin as mentioned in previous reviews.
The Adobe Flash Player or an HTML5 supported browser is required for video playback.
Philips Lumea Intense Pulsed Light hair removal system is a new device that enables you to be free from unwanted hair and enjoy smooth skin every day.
Repeating this treatment every two weeks for the armpits and bikini area and every four weeks for legs will keep your skin smooth everyday.
I have used it now about 4 times but there are still areas that the hair is growing.
I was really impressed with the effects of salon IPL but have heard from friends top ups are often required so I thought this unit would be the most cost effective longterm solution.
I was quite surprised you can really feel the effects of the light on the hairs the same way you can in the salon.
After two treatments I am definitely seeing a significant reduction in hair on my legs.
No need for messy and expensive gels and dont need to replase the bulb so i think this is the best home unit on the market.
It then took another 90 minutes to recharge so would have to recharge several times to cover the full area.
This would be ok if it resulted in a permanent hair removal but you would then have to cover the whole area every two weeks.
I can already see a significant reduction in hair regrowth so I am hopeful that this will continue.
Philips Lumea IPL hair removal system uses gentle pulses of light to stimulate the hair root into a resting phase.
The light energy is not intended to be strong enough to disable the hair follicle completely.
LIGHT safely removes hair for an ultra silky smooth feeling that can last for up to 12 weeks.
Multi flash mode allows for continuous movement and thus faster treatment sessions.
I can definitely go a few months before noticing that enough sparse hairs have grown back to warrant doing something about them.
I keep needing to rest the handset to let it cool down before I dare use it again.
The girls at The London Beauty Review have been trialling both Boots Smooth Skin and Philips Lumea.
PCOS come back negative I still have excessive hair growth on my face and even need to epilate my legs every ten days or so.
I love the boots IPL system at first I was a bit skeptical but after 12 weeks I am a lot less hairy lol.
I have been shaving unwanted hair from my chin for over 20 years and as you would expect the hair is very coarse.
I have been to the Harley medical group and found that treatment has been quite effective.
I have never heard of Boots Smooth Skin telling customers not to share the device.
I saw an ad for the Philips Lumea and started my research convinced I was going to buy.
It was the Soprano XL which is supposedly the next generarion of salon hair removal treatments.
Although I guess the benefit is that at least you never have to wait for regrowth before treatments.
Or maybe just concentrating on the markets they think are bigger for them for now.
I used to get really bad ingrown hairs from waxing but I would never have dreamt of shaving because it would be so much worse.
I have been researching the market to see what the best machine is for permanent removal and it looks as though the Boots one is one of the best for most permanent solution.
I am hoping it will work as I do have a fair bit of contrast between skin and hair.
The light from IPL should still be able to target those hairs even if they are under the skin so the ingrown hairs should in theory disappear over time.
Getting more essential fatty oils in your diet can help with the bumpiness if it is KP.
I would hate to undo all my hard work of never having put a razor to my skin and for hairs to become thicker and sharper.
I am obviously interested in a permanent solution but I see most people seem to be using their products on smaller parts of the body.
It does what it promises BUT it has to keep being used otherwise the hair comes back.
Meaning that the customer data base expends drastically for these devices which hopefully will result in development of new IPL devices as well as making treatments at salons less expensive.
I have decided to go ahead and order it as it looks from reviews to be an even more permanent solution than the boots.
Maybe because I always asked for efficient treatment as opposed to pain free treatment.
Light is meant to be quite fast to use on large areas because of the multi flash mode.
I suggest you speak to the Boots Careline on 0845 120 1511 if you need more help.
After using it for a three or four times on different days today it stopped responding.
Does the lumea have the same restrictions on tanning for 30 days following treatment.
If it is the case with the lumea we will wait until after summer to buy it and start.
I am wondering if so called permanent results provided by Boots is really so permanent.
The light should still be able to be absorbed by the dark hair that is growing below the surface.
They do recommend that users keep the device for topups every few months if a few stray hairs do come back.
So you can imagine how duped I felt when I saw Lumea at the Corte Ingles with all its promises.
The product just has not been around long enough for people to report on that in reviews such as this one.
I also wonder if either the iPulse or the Lumea would do anything to unsightly veins.
Lumea sales lady at the Corte Ingles tried it on my arm at level 4 and I barely felt a thing.
So perhaps that tells us something about the relative efficacy of these treatments.
Just like to know if anyone has actually tried the Viss IPL as mentioned above because it seems so much better than the others and stronger but has hardly any reviews.
As a result of this the device gets very hot that it is almost impossible to use it after first 25 flashes or so without cooling down.
I am still surprised at how many people assume the Lumea is meant to achieve permanent results.
At the moment I am in Greece sunbathing and having my vacations so I think I ll purchase it on September.
The only problem is that I live in Croatia and it is possible to buy this product only in UK.
They also used to give me a small size of the same cream to be applied the following day.
Lumea settings are less strong than on iPulse and thus it can be used on slightly darker skin than the iPulse system.
Boots are denying having said product was safe even though my receipt was issued by their so called trained proffesional.
They gave refund but thats no consolation to the distress i have had to go through.
I have recently found out that a new product is coming out which addresses some of the issues people have had with the current systems.
Pulse recommend a close shave so that the hair is short enough to carry the energy down to the follicle.
I have PCOs so I suppose I need to use it more often than most people in order to get results.
I bought the iPulse before discovering your site and am five weeks into treatment on my bikini line now.
The sad thing is that the Smooth Skin system really does do what it says on the tin.
I need to maintain it due to PCOS so the iPulse is a very convenient and cost effective solution for me.
The technology behind the iPulse is well worth the money despite the iffy build quality of some of the units.
I can confirm that we have no current plans to introduce a new model of our Smooth Skin.
I use tweezers to get rid of my facial hair every day and have often read now that you shouldnt remove the hair while using the IPL system.
I have some hair at my cheak and upper lip and learned that I can not use Lumea in the face.
Remington for a reduced price of 150 GBP or Boots Smooth Skin for around 250 GBP.
The product states not to be used on very dark or black skin tones do you know if this applies to asains as I am light medium toned.
I have been reading reviews online for the past week and yet only just managed to stumble across yours.
I live in Kenya so reliability is essential as cant keep popping back to uk for replacements or exchanges.
I know there are some question marks for her because of her possible diagnosis and her age.
It might be real for hairless woman but for thick hair it probably takes way longer.
I tried to get the replacement handset that costs more than half price of the whole machine or just the bulb that is also very expensive a 100 pounds.
We just need you to enter a Captcha so we can confirm that you are a person and not a bot.
The Philips Lumea is a handheld device which works by focusing a flash of light onto the desired area.
The light is absorbed by melanin which gives hair its colouring putting the hair follicle into a resting phase.
None of these types of systems can promise permanent hair removal but they can say permanent hair reduction.
There is a lot of information and I really would recommend taking the time to read through it.
The DVD has its advantage as you can see how to use it but it still refers to the manual.
I found it easier to start at the front of my leg by my shin working up the leg to the knee then starting again at the bottom slightly further round.
You do need to apply a little pressure so there can be a little outline from the window which slightly helps.
The majority of the time there was just a blast of heat on my skin while other times there was a little electric shock feeling.
The thinner booklet is quite handy too as it gives you space to write down your treatments and when the next one is due.
I started using the Lumea back in May and after a month or so of using it every 2 weeks I was seeing results.
I could go far longer although there was still hair growth so I still had to keep using it.
Winter I can use it regularly right through to spring so by the time summer comes around again I do hope there are few areas with hair growth.
After researching it a little I found out the hair on your face is different to that on other areas of your body so less likely to work with the system.
The system is incredibly easy to use and has so many benefits over other types of hair removal but with such a small window it does make it time consuming.
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